Prison Choir

“This is a blessing for me, it brings out the best in me.”

Terence Hardy “Terry” Waite CBE
The Earl and Countess of Devon

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The Prison Choir Project is a charity that rehabilitates prisoners, ex-offenders and people experiencing mental disorder by the advance of the arts and culture, in particular through the performance of opera, song, and choral music.

What we do

We hope, through music and in particular singing, to provide a pathway towards establishing a reduction in reoffending, building self-esteem, improving self-confidence and employability skills for all those involved.

We provide opportunities for prisoners and ex-offenders to join together to undertake collective activity in creative and expressive arts, including musical practice and performance, and in particular choirs.

We provide education and training in music amongst prisoners, in order to develop personal skills and competencies, such as confidence, self-esteem, and interpersonal and communication capacities, in order to assist their development in social participation

Choirs – a great model for social cohesion

Singing is a great tonic. Research has shown that joining a choir improves well-being, builds self confidence and self esteem, and allows people to feel part of a cohesive group. A choir provides much needed therapy and while the feel-good effects of singing have long been recognised, there is growing evidence that it can have a positive impact on a range of physical and psychological conditions